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Hazard assessment, elimination and control


Hazard Assessment, Elimination and establishing effective Controls... Part 2 of the OH&S code

Legislation says that all employers must assess and identify existing or potential hazards before work begins at the work site. ConTech Safety and Training's program emphasizes the importance of conducting hazard assessments prior to and during work when-ever workplace activities change or at reasonably practical intervals to prevent the development of unsafe and unhealthy working activities. 

Training activities may include:

  • Role, responsibility and obligations of the employer and employee
  • Worker participation in the process
  • Recognition and identification of Hazards
  • Ways to effectively eliminate and control the hazard
  • Emergency control of hazard
  • Effectiveness of Engineering controls
  • Establishing Administrative controls
  • Selection, inspection, use and storage of Personal Protective Equipment used as a control
  • Setting up and understanding the limitations of warning signs
  • Knowing the emergency response plan should a control fail
  • Environmental safe work planning
  • Ensuring that a Rescue plan is in place on high hazard activities
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