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Running effective safety meetings

In this interactive program, participants learn how to facilitate an effective safety meeting.  Emphasis will be on presentation and facilitation skills, recording information and minutes, and fostering an atmosphere conducive to sharing and consultative agreements.

Training activities may include:

  • Overview of OH&S legislation such as the act, regulations, the code and the explanation guides  
  • Roles and responsibilities of members Purpose of a safety meeting
  • Facilitation skills ensuring that the information comes from everyone in the meeting
  • Intervention tools so the meeting is kept on track without side conversations or bitterness
  • Decision making tools
  • Record keeping
  • Presentation skills ensuring that the meeting is enjoyable, well received and a learning experience
  • How to obtain information from the internet and other valuable resources
  • Meeting covenants maintaing a safe environment
  • Importance of follow up and effective two-way communications
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