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Skid steer operator safety


New:  The Train the Trainer package is now ready for delivery to you inhouse trainers.


Training activities may include:


• read and comprehend all applicable information contained within the manufacture’s operator manual
•read and comprehend the information contained within the training manual and any handouts, videos and support materials 
•locate, read and comprehend the appropriate Occupational Health and Safety regulations including the code Part 19 titled “Powered Mobile Equipment” and Part 22 "Safeguards" 
•identify all major components of the Skidsteer 
•inspect all of the equipments components ensuring that they comply with the manufacture’s recommendations 
•calculate the weight of commonly lifted loads such as crushed rock, wet excavated soil and asphalt 
•interpret and complete the daily log book 
•obtain information and interpret correctly from Alberta One Call prior to excavating the ground where utilities may be present
• operate the Skidsteer in a safe manner on a series of different terrains and slopes
• respond in a safe manner in the event of an abnormal situation occurs while operating the skidsteer 
• demonstrate the correct and safe way of working near an open trench, around a conjested construction site, or around other hazards such as electrical, gas, water utilities 
•make certain that the Skidsteer has been maintained and lubed according to manufacture’s recommendations 


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