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Trenching, Excavating & Shoring

Trenching Excavating and Shoring.... Part 32 of the OH&S Code

Ground Disturbance

Alberta One Call

This Trenching, Excavating and Shoring program demonstrates the safe manner to mark, excavate, protect, and enter many different types of ground disturbances.

Training Activities may include: 

  • Review of the guidelines for working near buried facilities published by the EAPUOC  
  • Review of Part 32 of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety code
  • Look at the important actions necessary prior to disturbing the soil
  • Classification of different soil types such as rock; Hard and Compact; Likely to crumble; Soft, Sandy and previously disturbed soil.
  • Conditions that can cause a typical trench failure
  • How to stabilize the soil using cutbacks/ slopes; trench boxes; shoring
  • Locating, exposing, protecting and supporting buried facilities
  • Methods of protecting the worker while engaged in excavation type activities
  • Role, responsibility and obligations of the employer and employee
  • Emergency response actions in the event of trench failure, contact with a facility or a failure of a workplace control
  • Determining the size and placement of shoring
  • Installation of trench boxes
  • Installation of shoring
  • Marking and excavating cutbacks
  • Methods of securing the site
  • Setting up a site for safe work activites
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