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Sulphurhexafluoride (SF6)

Safety/ Maintenance/Construction/ Repair/ Response 

Typical length of course:    

•    Level I …SF6 Safety Orientation 4 hours
•    Level II… SF6 Maintenance for Switchgear… 16 hours
•    Level III… SF6 Construction and Repair… 24 hours
•    Level IV… SF6 Response…depending on the requirements and type of equipment


The use of SF6 as an arc quenching and high voltage dielectric medium has been incorporated in medium and high voltage switchgear for many years now.  The reason why SF6 has reached such popularity is due to its re-generative features thus reducing the need for any major maintenance.  As long as minute contaminates such as air, moisture, or greases, etc. are prevented from contaminating the gas during installation and during routine maintenance, the gas should remain next to new for several decades. 
There are many advantages of taking our maintenance course.  First we outline the importance of "conditioning" the maintenance equipment thus reducing the possibility of contaminating the gas a/o gas mixture.  Second you will follow manufacture and industry standards for vacuuming, conditioning, and scrubbing the gas thus preventing environmental contamination and ozone difficulties due to release of the gas.  Third you will learn the most effective methods of checking the purity of the gas and of the switchgear. 
ConTech Safety and Training Ltd has over 38 years of experience in the SF6 technology from smaller circuit breakers to the large gas insulated substations.

Training Available:

•    Working with new, unused SF6

•    Properties of SF6

•    Working with used SFgas

•    Moisture measurements within the gas insulated compartment

•    Density measurements of the gas mixture

•    Content measurements... SF6 ; SF6 / N; SF6 / CF4 mixtures

•    Detection of gaseous by-products such as SOF2; SO2;SO2F2; and solid components

•    Gas filling techniques and adjustments

•    Personal protective equipment and response techniques

•    Dealing with contaminated switchgear and disposal/ decontamination techniques

Typical three day work shop "maintenance on gas insulated switchgear" topic areas

Sulphurhexafluoride (SF6) Gas... day 1

•    Introduction to sulphurhexafluoride
•    Properties of sulphurhexafluoride
•    High dielectric strength
•    Arc quenching capabilities
•    Chemical and thermal stability
•    Toxicity
•    Good heat transfer characteristics
•    Physical form of SF6 gas
•    Sublimation and density Chart
•    Properties of new, unused gas

Working with SF6 gas in electrical switchgear... day 1

•    Working with new, unused SF6 gas
•    General
•    Method of supply
•    Handling of new unused SF6 gas

Working with Used SF6 Gas... day 2

•    Low level arcing
•    High level arcing
•    By-product generation
•    Characteristics of decomposition products
•    Solid arc by-products
•    Gaseous arc by-products
•    Absorbers
•    Toxicity of SF6 and its decomposition products
•    Threshold limit values


•    Compressor unit
•    Vacuum pump
•    Storage tank
•    Gas dryer
•    SF6 scrubber
•    Oil separator
•    Hoses and fittings


•    Maintenance cart conditioning
•    Conditioning gas filling cart
•    Pressure and temperature readings
•    Densimeter/ pressure switches
•    Gas leak detection
•    By-product detection (Tube Type)
•    Moisture and dewpoint readings
•    SF6 gas mixtures
•    Gas sampling and detailed analysis
•    Oxygen content
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