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Aerial Bucket Rescue
Bucket Rescue

Insulated aerial device daily unit inspection
•    The daily checkout of an aerial device before traveling to worksite
•    conduct a pre-flight and pre operational inspection
Manufacture recommendations
•    Engine inspection
•    Boom inspection
•    Hydraulic inspection
•    Chassis inspection
•    Synthetic load line and rigging equipment

    Unit Set-up and pre-operational checks
•    Checking operating capacity
•    Working on slopes
•    Preparing boom for electrical work
•    Operating secondary stowage system

    Unit operation
•    Checking PPE
•    The electrical continuity of the boom tip
•    The insulating properties of the boom
•    Basic do’s and don’ts while operating

    Material handling
•    Load ratings
•    Calculating load weights and tensions
•    Maintenance and repair of load handling system
•    Precautions while working on electrical systems
•    Hand signals
•    Load capacities

    Bucket rescue
•    From the chassis
•    From the bucket
•    From another structure
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