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Boom Truck Safety Orientation



New for 2010... Boom Truck Train the Trainer available for both the 5 ton live wire boom trucks and the 8 ton knuckle boom units...  call for more information 

Given this “Boom Truck Operator Safety ” participants will be able to:

  • conduct a hazard assessment and determine the effectiveness of the controls

  • read and comprehend the information contained within the manufactures manual

  • describe the importance of all decals placed on the machine

  • calculate the weight of common objects using a variety of methods

  • determine the tension exerted on the rigging including bridle, choker and basket hitches

  • conduct a pre-flight and pre operational inspection of both the machine and of the rigging

  • determine the limits of approach to overhead power lines and equipment

  • conduct a pre-operational inspection of the boom truck

  • complete and interprete information contained within the log book 

  • select the appropriate rigging hardware

  • inspect the rigging as per Part 21 of the Code

  • connect the rigging using a variety of different hitches and bridles

  • communicate to others using hand signals

  • interpret the load charts

  • move a load  safely

  • know what to do in the event of an emergency situation occuring




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