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Arc Flash

One of the hazards associated with electrical lines and equipment is the failure of the dielectric resulting in an arc flash.  This hazard can be controlled through engineering systems, administrative procedures and training or by using special protective clothing and devices.

This course is customized to meet your specific needs and systems.  Unlike many of the arc flash courses out there, this program is highly interactive with lots of labs, models and scenarios.  Almost everyone in the past few years that has taken this program comments that it was a fun learning experience that opened their eyes but gave them the knowledge to work safer.

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Upon completion of this seminar, attendees should be able to:

• Identify electrical safety training requirements for qualified workers

• Identify best practice Regulations that address shock and arc flash hazards

• List the steps to perform a shock hazard analysis and describe each step

• Define the three CSA Z462 shock protection boundaries and describe their use

• List the personal protective equipment required for shock protection

• List the steps to achieve an electrically safe work condition

• Explain what ground gradients are, the common causes and how to prevent them

• List the steps to install and remove temporary protective grounding equipment

• Explain what an arc flash is and the injuries that can result

• Identify when an arc flash hazard exists

• List the steps to perform an arc flash hazard analysis and describe each step

• Define the term “incident energy,” identify the key electrical system variables that affect it

• Define the term “arc flash protection boundary” and explain its application

• Define the term “arc-rated” and explain the difference between “flame-resistant” clothing

and “arc rated” clothing

• Select appropriate personal protective equipment for arc flash hazards

• Describe the Hazard/Risk Category method of selecting arc flash PPE

• List the testing and maintenance requirements for personal protective equipment

• Identify the key objectives of job safety planning

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