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Rigging & Hoisting

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• Cranes, Hoists and Lifting Devices... Part 6

• Rigging...Part 21


Whenever a load is to be lifted using cranes, hoists, winches or other types of rigging devices, it is important that everyone working directly or indirectly with the move is competent in rigging and aware of the hazards.


Hoisting and Rigging training activities may include:

  • Hazard assessment and establishing effective controls 
  • Calculating the weight of objects such as steel plate, concrete blocks and other commonly used items
  • Determining the tension on slings and rigging
  • Using load charts and tables
  • Selection and  inspection of rigging equipment such as hooks, wire rope, synthetic slings, shackles, and chain
  • Role, responsibility and obligations of the employer and employee
  • Role of the operator, rigger and signal person  
  • Emergency response scenarios
  • Use of communication systems such as hand signals
  • Application of various bridle and hitch assemblies

Crane and Electrically Operated Trolley Cranes (E.O.T.) training activities may include:

  • everything included in the Hoisting and Rigging program
  • review of the manufacture's operating manual
  • identification of all major components including the trolley, bridge, runway and winch line
  • inspection of all major components including the trolley, bridge, winch and rigging
  • safe operation of the crane using the pendant controller
  • record keeping and log books
  • maintenance requirements of the crane and of it's components
  • importance of communication, housekeeping and safety
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