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Fork lift safety


New for 2009:  Train the trainer packages are now available for both the Forklift and Rough Terrain Forklift

•  Forklift ... soft tire, rough terrain, electric, internal combustion, all makes or models

•  Rough Terrain Forklift/ Zoom Boom

Learning Objectives (competency based and performance evaluated) 

Upon completion of the training program participants will: 

  • read and comprehend the manufacture’s operator manual   

  • locate, read and comprehend the appropriate OH&S codes including Part 19 titled “Powered Mobile Equipment” and Part 22 "Safeguards"

  • identify all major components of the forklift truck

  • conduct both a pre-flight and pre-operational inspection of the unit  

  • inspect and maintain the unit as recommended by the manufacture

  •  calculate the weight of commonly lifted loads such as steel plate and concrete blocks

  • complete the daily log book

  • determine the safe limits of approach to overhead power lines

  • operate the forklift truck in a safe manner 

  •  understand the actions necessary to safety shut down the unit under normal and abnormal situations.

  • operate the forklift through a series of operations

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